The wacky staff that makes up Occam’s Taser, in no particular order:

Margo Ruter
-Writer, Editor, Concept Manager
Interests: Anything on stage, typography, German cinema, dark purple, stilettos, rare buttons, and vintage Chanel.

Peter Muller
-Writer, Editor, Webmaster
Interests: Industrial design, graphic design, photography, technology, architecture, music, film, travel, biking, mixology, literature, art.

Lizzy Sebuck
-Writer, Editor
Interests: Red Bull, The Chicago Cubs, Stevie Nicks, travel, Pabst Blue Ribbon, my ’93 Crown Vic, napping, and laughing.

Daniella Lee
-Writer, Editor
Interests: My niece, sports, THE Ohio State University football program, cheeseburgers only ketchup, Coke, 4th of July, U2

Katie Gangloff
-Writer, Editor
Interests: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Snickers salad, relaxing on rainy days, Diet Coke, Target, and fall weather.