Office Etiquette: The Pain Train Is Coming!

by Peter Muller

Connecting to your emotions is one way to get through to your work colleagues, but simple office etiquette can go a long way too. Dealing with your co-workers day-in and day-out can come close to a roommate style relationship. Sharing a space in any setting means that everyone is getting to know each other very well and, like it or not, just like living with someone for a while, it’s the little things that eventually wear away at people’s patience.

Applying basic etiquette to the office can keep things positive for everyone. The rules are simple: leave things as you found them, clean up after yourself, if you finish something (like coffee) refill it, don’t be noisy, nosy, smelly (that’s good or bad smells!), don’t mess with other people’s stuff, and be polite. Although those may seem obvious, many people have problems remembering these rules once they clock in.

During the 2003 Super Bowl, Reebok took on the issue of office etiquette. In a series of advertisements, Terry Tate, a fictitious football player turned “office linebacker”, deals out his own style of punishment for bad behavior.

Although Feltcher & Sons may not be the safest place to work, office etiquette violations are definitely dealt with immediately and rarely repeated. Help avoid your workplace hiring an office linebacker by thinking of others before you steal that food from the fridge or take that call on speakerphone.


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