For Those of You Who Bought Your School Supplies in July…

by Margo Ruter

Ever feel that Staples just doesn’t give you enough, or that Office Depot just lets you down?

Good thing we tend to feel the same way. Being emotionally aware may keep your job, but we rely on kick-ass office supplies to keep us organized. Hot mess, meet some of your new best friends…

This mini cabinet holds up to 500 business cards. So instead of them flying around your desk, you can have them all compact in one adorable space. Available at

Because not everything can be wireless, and not everything can be plugged in at once, this coil is a great way to keep everything within hands’ reach. It also prevents having to awkwardly crawl under your desk to plug something into the back of your CPU tower. This is also available at

All those hard working individuals confined to a cubicle can finally catch some slack with this lazy-boy recliner desk chair. Nap time isn’t just for 3 year-olds anymore…
Featured on
Again, reaching out to the cubicle workers, this doorbell is to prevent those bitches from accounting from storming in and messing up your stride. Available at

Now this one really is too cute and  it helps keep all of your cords together so you don’t have to ever get pissed that things are tangled again! Available at

Don’t like chugging your coffee when it’s at prime temperature? We don’t blame you. That’s why this little device is so logical. It’s a USB mug warmer. Why didn’t we think of this? Available at

Now this one is just too great. It’s so annoying when people steal your favorite mug at the office, use it, and leave it sitting in the sink. Luckily, the team at are irked by it too. You keep the little black plug on your keychain or hidden in the bottom drawer of your desk. Without it, you can’t enjoy your cup of joe, and neither can anyone else. Muahahaha.

So outsmart your coworkers with your emotional awareness, and your sick new office supplies. They won’t even know what hit ‘em.


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