AYTMTB: And You’re Telling Me This Because…?

by Katie Gangloff

Acronyms: they’re good if you’re in a hurry, but bad if you have no effing clue what they mean. Occam has been studying some text messaging lingo that savvy texters are using these days. So if you absolutely have to sacrifice your grammar for an on-the-go conversation, we’ve got the hook up with some trendy acronyms to satisfy your speedy text needs. Here are a few that made us chuckle:

WAI: What An Idiot – now you can use this when you’re having a lunch date with you’re girlfriends and one of them has completely lost it.

LONH: Lights On, Nobody Home – for the times when your co-worker has absolutely no clue what the hell he is talking about.

AWLTP: Avoiding Work Like the Plague – share this with your water cooler buddy after you have had an awkward run in with the guy from the billing department.

So here are some acronyms to start using, but what are the best phones to text on you ask? If you’re ‘Ruling The Air’ with Verizon, try out the BlackBerry Bold, it has a full QWERTY keyboard with trackball navigation.

Or if a touchscreen has you intrigued, try the DROID X By Motorola, which has a new swipe texting feature.
If you’re living ‘free and easy’ with AT&T, the Pantech Reveal has a pretty good size screen to see those awesome, or confusing, acronyms.

Similar to the Pantech Reveal, the Samsung Magnet has a reasonable screen witha full QWERTY keyboard.

Although you may not be a part of the 47% of teeny boppers who can text blindfolded, you may enjoy txting lyk dat. So grab yr fav ph, crak yr nuckles, file yr nails, put sum drops n yr Izy, n txt ‘til d cows cum hom. Also, once the lingo sinks in, don’t forget to txt msg Occam to show your soh and hugz.



2 responses to “AYTMTB: And You’re Telling Me This Because…?

  1. Ms my bberry-iphone ntsogood for txing

  2. I just got the Android HTC Incredible. It is completely touch screen and I love it!

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