Non-Shopping Shopping: Everything Old Can Be New

by Margo Ruter

Want that feeling of new stuff in your closet, but don’t want to spend the big bucks to get it? Don’t we all… Fortunately, those hipster kids have come in handy yet again! Their new trends are so irresistible, and their beards are so soft. The newest contribution from the hipster community is something called upcycling. It’s the same as recycling, but with your old clothes, toys, gadgets, and anything else hidden underneath your bed. Now we just need to figure out what to do with all the keffiyeh we bought last year…

Upcycling by definition refers to converting any sort of material to something of greater value. This can range from home improvement projects, interior decorating, and converting your old clothes into something you might actually wear. With a little creativity, you might be able to convert that sweater your aunt gave you into something a little less hideous.

Of course, many of these projects may require minimal sewing skills. Hopefully you can handle a needle and thread, so don’t go out and buy a sewing machine because “Occam told you to”. It’s not that serious. When recycling household products and other random stuff, you may only need a glue gun, or some basic school supplies.

So instead of wasting your money on new shit, waste your time on fixing up your old shit! It may help those feelings of post-shopping depression from creeping in with the holidays.

Requiring only an obsolete cassette tape, a zipper and some hot glue, this little purse fits credit cards and cash almost too perfectly.

The great thing about vinyl records (besides having a couple beers and feeling good about not watching TV) is that they respond incredibly well to any heat force. Records can be melted and molded to fit just about anything.

Besides the not-so-minor detail that this is a HUGE safety hazard, this converted dumpster pool isn’t so terrible of an idea when it’s 90 degrees out.

Of course this is a tad bit unrealistic as an upcycling suggestion, but it would probably be the coolest addition to anyone’s living room. Don’t say you could walk into an apartment, see this, and not be totally impressed.

Depending on how much you want to advertise your drinking problem, these earrings are kind of adorable. Needing only some sharp scissors and an earring wire (totally cheap and available at Jo-Anne Fabrics), you can make use of your Friday evening binge.

Betcha can’t make just one!

So go ahead, clean out your closets, find your old wacky shit you forgot about, and get crafty. You can even get your Christmas “shopping” done. I know I’d rather get a cassette tape wallet than another set of bath salts.


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