Sleeping Your Way To A Migraine Free Day

by Katie Gangloff

We’ve all had some form of a migraine once in our lifetime, and for us lucky ones twice a week. Staring at a computer screen all day can be one culprit to blame for migraines, your obnoxious boss may serve as another. If you’re still in school, the tedious and monotonous busy work can be a pain in the back of your eyes.

We read earlier this week that there is a home remedy for those agonizing migraines. Occam’s Taser finds the best, and sometimes the strangest ways to avoid migraines, and if they are inevitable, help get rid of them.

Sometimes getting rid of a migraine is as simple as a lifestyle change. Of course, eating right and exercising are always recommended, but not always an option with a busy schedule. A supplement that may also help is Fish Oil. It has properties that can promote nerve protection, which lowers the risk of memory loss. If you’re getting migraines and are unsure of where they’re coming from, try starting a food diary. This can reveal a pattern if one particular food is causing the migraines. The scent of some foods may even help, such as green apples, which we proposed as a remedy for multiple ailments earlier this week.

Another lifestyle change could be eating regularly to avoid low blood sugar.  Sarah, a college student from Chicago, Illinois tells us, “Certain things, like not eating for a long time, looking at a computer all day, or crying brings on migraines for me.” When asked how often she gets migraines or headaches Sarah says, “Not very often, I’d say once or twice a month at most.” Some college students don’t always get enough food because they aren’t living at home. A home cooked meal from mom or dad just isn’t the same when mom or dad aren’t making it.

You may be shocked to learn what foods may trigger migraines. Some people tend to consume these foods thinking they may help ease the symptoms, but that is not actually the case. A few examples include beer, wine, cheese, apple juice, coffee, and chocolate. I know what you are thinking.  “What?!  Chocolate?!  But I eat chocolate because it makes me forget about my headache!” Amines, present in chocolate, are often mistaken as a trigger to migraines. So, don’t fret chocolate can still help!


Another way to prevent migraines is to develop healthy sleeping habits.  Getting roughly the same amount of sleep each night can ensure fewer migraines. Jonathan R, a hardworking businessman, says, “Lack of sleep, or irregular sleep, brings on migraines for me. Whenever I have a big project due at work I’m up late and sometimes don’t get any sleep at all. Although it’s worth it and my projects kick butt, I usually end up with a massive headache.” Even though staying up late sometimes is inevitable, at least we know where our migraines are coming from.

Now you might be thinking, “Holy cow, I eat healthy, regularly, get enough sleep, take fish oil pills, and I still get migraines.  Why the hell am I still getting them and what can possibly help when I get one?’

Pain-relieving medications are your best bet. If you want the best results, start taking these medications as soon as migraine symptoms start. Non-steroidal drugs include, ibuprofen, aspirin, or a combination of these plus caffeine, such as Excedrin. Watch out, if you take these often you might see reverse effects, like rebound headaches.

If medicine or trying to take preventive measures to fend off migraines turns you off, stick with a simple remedy.  Our favorite is taking a nap, and don’t forget that relaxing can help the awful pain in the back of your head. So turn off the lights and rest your head, even if it’s at your desk. You deserve it, your boss caused your headache anyway!

Even though trying new things is encouraged at Occam’s Taser, make sure to check with your doctor before using any of these medications.


One response to “Sleeping Your Way To A Migraine Free Day

  1. Stress is a big culprit for causing migraines weather its from eye exhaustion or just life. A good trick is to close your eyes so that light does not go through your eyelid. you can go to the bathroom (if your at work) and close your eyes and put arm over top. This will allow your pupils to relax. its like when your standing all day long and you finely get to sit down… this pupil relaxation is sitting down for your eyes. 5 minutes can really get you through the day if your in a pinch. (if you have cluster HA or catamenial HA get a prescription for a triptan)~

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