Shoes For Thought

by Margo Ruter

As a member of shoe-aholics anonymous, I’ll muster up just about any excuse to buy a new pair.  Reading yesterday’s post, I started thinking about what kind of shoes are most comfortable to wear while eating sushi.  Just because your stomach is aching, doesn’t mean your feet have to be.  Some may scoff, and some may scroll.

Exhibit A

Sushi Custom Keds

Sushi Love Sushi Shoes by thickblackoutline / Keds / Zazzle

A personal favorite of mine, these Vans-style slip-ons offer a comfortable atmosphere for your feet.  At least your toes will be comfortable when your stomach is fighting a serious food coma post-sushi devouring.

Exhibit B

Sushi Shoes by StarNight776 / Keds / Zazzle

Painfully similar to Exhibit A, I know, but these still offer that much needed support when dealing with a sushi vs. stomach crisis and the polka dots are irresistible.

Exhibit C


Fish Flip-Flops via Neatorama

Taking a more literal approach to this sushi epidemic, these unfortunately won’t provide you with any sort of comfort during those crucial sushi moments. They will however probably gross you out.

Exhibit D

Etsy ProductSushi Slippers by sushibooties via Etsy

Now this is what I’m talking about.  No further explanation necessary.

Exhibit E

Neiman Marcus

Jeweled Fish Sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti via Neiman Marcus

Some of us may recognize these sandals from the “sushi scene” in Sex and the City: The Movie when Samantha makes homemade sushi for Smith, but her presentation goes awry.  Case-in-point: bad footwear choice for sushi dining.

So next time you feel the aches and pains of eating too much sushi because you don’t have the enzyme to break it down, don’t despair.  Just think of your footwear!


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