Stomp It Out: Homemade Wine For That Small Italian Man In Us All

by Katie Gangloff

Fall has just begun and the chilly weather is soon to come.  Even though we don’t all have a vineyard in our backyard, we can still make our own delicious wine.  Here’s an activity you can do at home that’ll be sure to get you out of that cold weather and warm you up.  Staying in and having a nice meal instead of risking fall weather and going out to an expensive restaurant calls for some great wine. And nobody knows how you like your wine better than, well, you.

Wine making is as simple as putting juice, sugar, yeast and water together.  Of course there are some important steps to follow, but these ingredients are pretty easy to find in your kitchen.  The process takes a while, so choosing a good friend with whom to enjoy the process and the end result would be advised.

Although cheap wine doesn’t sound appealing, it could be what you need to get started.  This site shows you a few different ways to make wine, and while this isn’t going to produce the best wine like some of the stuff Sommelier’s are tasting, it’ll get you on your way.

For those wine connoisseurs out there, WineMaker Magazine will show you how to make wine from choosing the best grape for your climate to bottling your product.

These sites show you step-by-step everything you’ll need. Once you’re finished you can enjoy your fresh homemade wine with the recipe featured earlier this week.

Making your own wine can help shape your expertise, perhaps leading to an interest in becoming a Sommelier, the career we’ve been telling you so much about.  If you already think you’re an expert and just enjoy wine, remember what the Danes told us, wine is good for the heart only if it’s paired with a healthy diet.


14 responses to “Stomp It Out: Homemade Wine For That Small Italian Man In Us All

  1. In a twist, Danes are famous for being beer drinkers and having a diet that is anything but healthy (expect, possibly, by US standards).

  2. Interesting! I can’t really see myself doing it, but tell us how your’s comes out! I do though remember that Lucy episode, and loved it!!

    • I saw that episode too, they were funny. I think it would be fun to make my own wine especially since I collect wine. I need to get another winerack tho mine’s full. Maybe fill with my homemade wine. I never wine tho right?

  3. Good article! I am interested in trying to make my own now…

  4. Nice stuff! I always hear about people making their own beer.. but not wine! I had no idea it was made with yeast! I’d love to do that some day. Also, great episode of I Love Lucy! Reminds me of the hilarious YouTube video about grape smashing…

  5. You need to order some California grape juice from your local Brewmaster supply store along with the glass carboy, air lock and brewers yeast and you can make very good quality Cabernet, Zinfandel or whatever you select. I do it every year and each year it gets better.

  6. 1. I love you guys for calling your blog Occam’s Taser. Genius.
    2. Just read your meet the staff post and totally laughed out loud at the awkward moments, especially the awkward date. We just shared a similar one on our blog, Stop Being a Loser, if it makes you feel any better.
    Love your blog, congrats!

  7. I’d LOVE a vineyard. But I really am going to try to make some home made wine. Gracias, amigo.

  8. Brilliant! Let us know how it works. I am always up for trying to make our own versions of popular products. I often make hummus which is really simple (chickpeas, tahini and whatever flavorings you want – I like fresh corriander and lemon juice).


  9. I love the idea of making my own wine, thanks for the pointers 🙂

  10. Hmmm making your own wine brings back memories when it was all the craze… must’ve been sometime in the 70s when home kits for wine were introduces and I remeber these weird buckets of wine fermenting or whatever it is that wine does in my parent’s wardrobe closet (presumably it neede to be in a dark place and living in a flat there was no cellar, so closet it was…) I think I will stick to the wine produced by professionals…lol.

  11. i see what you did there

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