Zap! Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore

by Daniella Lee

The Danes are good for a few things, mainly vikings and wine research.  We like to keep it all relative here at Occam’s Taser, so today we’ve got something enticing to satisfy that thirst for wine we left you with yesterday.  Now that we’ve figured out that wine isn’t only good for a buzz, let’s embrace it as a side to a delicious (and healthy) meal.  If wine promotes a healthy lifestyle, we should use it more often in our cooking – you are what you eat… or drink.  By adding wine to your meals (and drinking a few glasses while you cook), it brings out the finer flavor in your meats, which helps since you’ll be too wasted to taste it.

The recipe today isn’t only low calorie and low fat, but it only uses 3/4 of a cup of wine so you can enjoy the rest of the bottle later.  Make sure to grab some white wine, and if your inviting us over we like to keep it classy with Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio which sells at about $9.99 at your local grocer.  Enjoy the recipe and let us know how your night ends up!

Chicken Cacciatore Recipe @


2 responses to “Zap! Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore

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  2. doiiiiiiiiiiiin it. get wasted.

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